Spellman EDITOR HFe 401-HFe 801

Diagnostic X-Ray Generators

As the world’s leading independent manufacturer of X-ray generators and Monoblock® X-ray sources, Spellman High Voltage is proud to offer the EDITOR HFe Series of high frequency diagnostic X-ray generators. Spellman is EN ISO 13485 certified company. The certification covers design, development, production, installation service and selling of X-ray generators.

  • Quality & Reliability:
    Stable and proven design. Over 8 years of production and design validation. Thousands installed worldwide
  • Serviceability:
    Modular design repairable to circuit board or component level minimizing service cost and down time
    Global resources for efficient production and worldwide sales and service support
  • Subsystems solutions:
    Generator plus HV cables, X-ray tubes, detectors and mechanical assemblies

The EDITOR HFe X-ray generator series ranges from 40 to 80kW. These generators are compatible with most X-ray tubes, image intensifiers, flat panel detectors, and have a flexible digital and DR interface. With its’ modular construction and flexible design the EDITOR HFe series can be easily installed, maintained and integrated. Full featured Radiographic or R/F control consoles are available as well as anatomic programming and integrated DAP. The EDITOR HFe series is also offered with dual X-ray tube control and high speed starters.