Welcome to Star Imaging’s Ultrasound Division. After more than 30 years of proven performance in Medical Imaging the Star Team is known for delivering the highest Customer Satisfaction in the Mid-Atlantic. We have spent the last five years focused on bringing our Concierge Service, Support and Best in Class products to Ultrasound with resounding success ensuring you get the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership! If fact it was one of our own Valued Customers who asked us to bring our Customer Centric Solutions to the Ultrasound modality. The Star Imaging Team Pledges to bring you the best value in ultrasound emphasizing excellent image quality and reliability to optimize patient outcomes. And Star’s customizable Service Agreements will guarantee the high level of reliability essential to your practice.

If you are looking for something other than what you see above, please Contact Us! We are happy to help you achieve the right solution.

Star Imaging is committed to meeting Your Needs!

Ultrasound Brands

Best in Class and Value Recommendations

30+ years of business experience allow us to offer you many brands with our Customer Centric Solutions


If you are looking for something other then what you see above, please just Contact Us and we will be happy to  help you get what you want.

We are committed to meeting Your Needs!

Ultrasound Services

  • New Systems with the Latest Technology
  • Applications Training
  • Delivery and Installation Services
  • System Upgrades
  • Supplies and Accessories
  • Service and Repair of most brands
  • Customizable Service Agreements
  • Leasing solutions available upon request
  • Asset Management Consultation Services