Star Imaging offers a full range of premium cart-based, portable and tablet ultrasound solutions for every level of Radiology, Cardio-Vascular and Shared Services imaging. These ultrasound systems emphasize image quality and ease of use while scanning a wide variety of body types and provide high quality imaging for OB/GYN, abdominal, vascular, cardiac, musculoskeletal, joints, small parts, scans of the liver, thyroid, scrotum, bladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder and ,when necessary, endocavity or endorectal capabilities for OB and urology applications. Needle visualization, needle enhancement or needle guidance are used in some practices to guide biopsies and can easily be accomplished with these systems. Elastography is becoming more common and is available in our premium to midrange general imaging ultrasound systems. Ask us about Sheer Wave and Simple Touch Elastography.

Cardiac – Echo and Vascular applications often require faster frame rates and superior computing power, beyond that of other modalities depending on the specific study. Star Imaging offers ultrasound systems that meet and exceed these requirements by providing you the combination of computational power and transducer selection. We offer Single Crystal 3T probe technology as well as sector (also known as phased array) probes along with specialized pediatric, TEE, 4D cardiac, Pedoff non-imaging transducers and High-Performance linear transducers.

Most of our premium ultrasound machines also offer more specialized scans like Echo or 4D scanning options as well as Automated “AI” calculations. Many of these applications also require more computing power, fast frame rates and specialized transducers. We make sure you get the right combination to achieve the best outcomes for your patients.