Star Imaging delivers Best of Class performance and unmatched reliability in Women’s Health ultrasound to our Customers. These products have been selected to improve your clinical capacity in Obstetric, Gynecologic, Fertility, IVF and Breast imaging. With a full complement of transducers and imaging presets, these ultrasound systems are ideally suited for examining every aspect of these complex women’s specialties. Women’s health ultrasound systems are a valuable tool for diagnosis and treatment guidance in Women’s care. From High Frequency linear probes that provide detailed imaging of the breast to our single crystal convex probes that give you exquisite 2D abdominal imaging, we have what you need. When 3D/4D technology is needed for further evaluation of specific anatomy, it is as easy as selecting the probe you need.

While convex probes are used primarily for transabdominal scans, transvaginal probes can be used to attain better images of many aspects of the reproductive system. 4D technology is available on our transabdominal and transvaginal probes. 4D probes further reduce scan time by capturing and saving the raw data to be reviewed in more depth with the ability to continue post processing at a later time. In addition to easy calculations, common measurements, and women’s health specific reporting capabilities, many of our systems offer “AI”, intelligence that provide automated measurements, enhanced visualization and additional time savings. Please let us know what you need and we will be happy to build a system for you.