Vidar CAD PRO Advantage

X-Ray Film Digitizer for Mammography Priors, Digitized Film CAD

The VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer is specifically designed and engineered for use in mammography CAD (computer-aided diagnosis) systems and is an ideal fit for mammography facilities transition to digital technology. It is able to bridge the gap in the transition to digital mammography – allowing for the digitization of film-based prior studies so that radiologists can view these priors, with their specific hanging protocols, on the mammography reading workstation.

CAD PRO Advantage Features & Benefits

  • Unmatched spatial and contrast resolution, ensuring the image data received from the film digitizer is an exact representation of the original film.
  • Digitize a four-film study in 93 seconds, 30% faster than previous versions, further increasing productivity.
  • The SmartFeeder XL is designed for continuous case loading, allowing the user to add cases during the digitizing process.
  • Includes a modular 50-sheet feeder which eliminates film jams, double feeds, and film pick-up problems.
  • Automatic Digitizer Calibration (ADC) prompts the film digitizer to calibrate automatically before every film digitized without user intervention.

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