An all-in-one mobile fluoroscopy system with an onboard 5kw generator and flat panel detector technology. Easily obtain sharp, detailed images during surgical and specialty procedures. The single unit design of the Agility is designed for rapid positioning. Perfectly balanced which allows for maximum maneuverability.

Agility Features

  • All-in-one c-arm unit, reduced footprint
  • Large C-arm depth for maximum accessibility, S.I.D. >108cm.
  • Smart operator console: all controls with multi-touch user interface, displaying live image
  • Single unit system, all components are integrated in the C-arm stand without monitor cart
  • Very small footprint, ideal for OR with limited surface
  • 27″, 4K medical multi touch monitor on an articulating arm, height & angle adjustable; equivalent to 2×19″ monitors, displaying simultaneously live and reference images
  • Anti scatter, removable grid for low dose surgery and grid less procedures
  • 21x21cm or 30x30cm amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector
  • Full-touch “smart” user interface
  • Extended C-arm free space
  • Image free of distortion
  • +95° -65° orbital rotation
  • Special soft covers base protector against accidental collisions
  • An optional additional display unit is available offering secondary viewing capability with WiFi video transmission

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