Sedecal SHFR X-Ray Generator

The high frequency x-ray generator technologies controlled by microprocessor improve the image quality and reduce the patient dose. It provides all the advantages of high frequency waveform Generators including lower patient dose, shorter exposure times and greater accuracy and consistency.

  • Designed for general radiography: Ceiling, floor mounted, universal, chiropractic, veterinary systems, etc.
  • Fluoro operation: Remote control tables, cardio vascular systems.
  • CT operation.
  • Linear scanning operation.
  • Mammography operation.

The Generator is controlled by multiple microprocessors providing increased exposure consistency, efficient operation and extended Tube life. A high level of self-diagnosis greatly increases serviceability and reduces down time. The very low ripple and accuracy radiographic parameter KVp, mA and exposure time reduce the soft x-ray radiation and improve the homogeneity of the x-ray beam.

The high frequency x-ray generator controlled by microprocessor improve also the reliability of the whole system and reduce the maintenance cost, thanks to the constant monitoring of the system, with auto diagnostic and error code.

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