Rayence VetView VXV

All-In-One Workstation Software

VetView Console is a complete image management software featuring easy data searching, fast image acquisition, and user friendly functions.These functions include image viewing, reprocessing, optimizing and archiving.

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive and Direct Graphic User Interface with x-ray Detector Optimized Exposure Conditions and Image Review Reducing Unnecessary Rework and Test

  • DICOM File Management
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant
  • Transmit Images to PACS Server
  • DICOM Printing
  • DICOM Worklist DI
  • CD Burning with CDViewer
  • Image Magnification
  • Display the Studied Images Side-by-Side
  • Measuring the Length and Angles of the Image
  • Adding Annotation Text, Graphics and Electronic Markers to an Image
  • Data Backup & Restore


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