Konica Minolta Exa™ RIS

Konica Minolta’s Exa™ RIS solution is a completely web-based software application designed to streamline practice workflow while enhancing patient and referring physician accessibility with an integrated PACS database.

The software is designed to ease all obstacles both within the practice as well as for deployment to referring physicians.

Reimbursements are declining, so facilities need a software package designed to increase efficiency and attract more referring physicians.

Marketing focused: Exa is not only focused on efficiency, but actual marketability. Your RIS should add features that drive more business your way, with accountability and tracking. Easy-to-use interfaces, strong marketing reports, and live dashboards will put you in the driver’s seat to grow your business.

Exa RIS is scalable and ideal for both single and multi-facility enterprises, allowing for practices to grow and evolve with new locations, modalities, and physicians.

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