Del Medical FMT18M Tube Stand

The FMT18M tube stand was designed with features to optimize workflow, patient care and technologist productivity. This tube stand is ideal for medium sized imaging environments requiring low ceiling
installations, such as hospitals and imaging centers. Intuitive and user-friendly, it is intended to withstand medium to high-volume throughput and limit repeat exams.

Technologist-Friendly 10.4” Touchscreen Display
– Displays angulation, SID, and optional access to
– generator integrated control values

All Lock Release Sensor
– Just place hand on bottom handle to release
– transverse, longitudinal, and vertical locks

Manual Collimator (Automatic optional)
– Selects proper field-of-view for each exam anatomy
– using pre-programmed APR settings

Standard 10 ft. Floor Plate
– Optional 8 and 12 ft. floor plates available

Column Rotation of +/-180°

Extensive Longitudinal and Transverse Travel
– Controlled by an electromagnetic braking system

Minimum Focal Spot Positioning at 11”
– Perfect for weight-bearing exams


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