Carestream DRYVIEW 6950 Laser Imager

Innovation Designed for Fast-Paced Environments.

The CARESTREAM DRYVIEW 6950 Laser Imaging System delivers the innovation you need to maintain high standards of patient care — at a cost you can afford. With legendary DRYVIEW digital image quality, high image resolution and fast throughput, you can diagnose with great confidence even in the most demanding, high-volume environments.

The DRYVIEW 6950 Laser Imager supports medical image printing for all digital modalities including digital mammography. This system delivers sharp image resolution on every film size — keeping your operation running smoothly and helping you better serve your patients.

Advantages At a Glance

  • Fast print speeds
  • Ease of use—quick film access with the flexibility to change multiple film cartridge sizes and types
  • Simplified operation—intuitive multilingual touchscreen user interface
  • Exceptional print quality—sharp 650 pixel-per-inch resolution supporting digital mammography applications

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