Carestream DRX-Revolution

At Carestream, Innovation is Always on the Move.

When we introduced the original CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System, mobile imaging was forever redefined. For the first time, technologists had a clear, safe line of sight during transport – thanks to the industry’s first automatic, collapsible column. This, plus the Revolution’s low-profile design and superb maneuverability, meant that the tight spaces of the ICU, ER, patient rooms and OR were no longer a barrier to fast, high-quality image-capture at the bedside.

Now, by listening to the voice of our customers and incorporating their feedback, we’ve redesigned the Revolution with powerful new features and benefits. They all add up to a level of performance that will elevate your standard of care and productivity even higher.

Design Improvements Include:

  • The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced for easier use and faster positioning.
  • Display screens are more responsive, with enhanced function, and redesigned to better protect against fluid ingress.
  • Brakes and drive motors are quieter and less likely to disturb patients.
  • Functional LED lighting provides the technologist with another point of visibility of system status.

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