Carestream DR-FIT X-ray System

Versatility Meets Value.

Many facilities, maybe yours, would like to step up to the benefits of a full X-ray suite with advanced features. And of course, you’d also want the versatility, functionality and quality that you can rely on through the years and growth of your facility. But perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right fit.

It’s now here. The CARESTREAM DR-FIT X-ray System is the way to a successful future. It has just the right selection of features and options to take your workflow to a new level of efficiency – it will meet your most pressing needs in the present, and provide a clear expansion pathway for the future.

Whatever your needs, the DR-FIT System will keep you headed towards superb performance and a solution that will grow along with you.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Exceptional image quality to support accurate diagnoses
  • Scalable and upgradeable system to help eliminate technology obsolescence
  • Wide selection of components so that you can configure the ideal system for your needs

We Listened to Your Needs – and Responded.

When our customers speak, we listen. So when we heard customers around the world say they needed a fully featured room that’s both versatile and scalable, we got to work. The DR-FIT is the result.

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