Americomp Radiographic Tubestands

Orthopedic Tubestand

The design of the rugged S225 tubestand provides the maximum versatility needed for Orthopedic imaging. Extension of the tubestand beyond the table at either end in addition to angulating the x-ray tube facilitates chest exams and other off-table procedures. Column rotation allows for cross-table lateral exams. Transverse positioning of the tube off-center of the table midpoint (+/- 5”) is complimented by a centering detent for fast, precise repositioning of the tube. Optional trunnion rings allow additional positioning.

Basic Tubestand

The A3306 tubestand is constructed of heavy-duty steel, insuring many years of reliable service. Stainless steel ball bearings allow effortless positioning of the x-ray tube and precise alignment to the wallstand over the entire range of travel. The tubestand angulation dial is an easy-to-read, accurate indicator of tube angle. Sturdy locks provide secure placement of the x-ray tube. Optional electric locks allow quick tube positioning.