Americomp High Frequency Generators

Spectra 50HF, 40HF, 30HF and 20HF High Frequency Generators

Power at an Affordable Price
Designed for clinical use, 20 kHz High Frequency technology delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum diagnostic image quality and extended tube life.

Choose Between AP, Manual or AEC Mode
With three modes to choose from, the user-friendly operator console provides maximum flexibility and full control of the powerful generator. Americomp generators display technique factors for the x-ray exposure as well as the exposure parameters. The soft-touch arrow buttons provide complete control to modify any technique factor or parameter.

AP (Anatomical Programming) Mode
This helpful feature (optional on the 20HF and 30HF) offers consistent, effortless images by fast, automatic technique selection in three easy steps:

  1. Select the anatomical region.
  2. Select the radiographic view.
  3. Select the patient centimeter thickness.

For greater flexibility, the AP program can be modified and the changes saved to memory.
Customized AP menus and parameters can be saved.

Manual Mode
Offering fast 2-point selection of only the kVp and mAs factors, the generator will automatically select the highest mA station and the shortest exposure time – resulting in less image blur caused by patient motion. The large LCD window displays the kVp, mAs and mA station, allowing modifications to be made prior to the x-ray exposure.

AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) Mode
An optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) and receptor ionization chamber is available on all High Frequency generators. This state-of-the-art feature terminates the exposure automatically at the exact mAs necessary to obtain the optimal image.