AGFA MUSICA Workstation Upgrade

Upgrade Program Highlights

You have come to rely on you Microsoft Windows 7-based NX workstation to provide an efficient workflow, outstanding image quality and the lowest radiation dose reasonably achievable for your patients1. Microsoft® will discontinue extended support for Windows 7 operating systems on January 4, 2020.

Our new Windows 10-based MUSICA Workstation will help you to the next level of performance! Don’t worry: we’ve kept the best of the NX workflow features, while making improvements to help you practice intelligent radiography.

The MUSICA Workstation is the technologist’s image identification and quality control tool, and the true nerve center of your workflow.

It features an intuitive interface that offers complete ease of use at the point-of-care.

The upgrade program includes:

  • Windows 10 operating system for increased security and system longevity
  • New Agfa staged PC designed for high-demand environments
  • MUSICA Workstation 21, the latest evolution of our modality workstation, with a refreshed look-and-feel
  • Support for new options such as:
    • MUSICA 3 and 3+ image processing: including gridless images, bariatric imaging, etc.
    • Security: data encryption, IPv6
    • Diagnostic reference level support
    • Weight/age-based exposure settings
    • DR Retrofit Stitching (Full Leg/Full Spine)
    • Advanced image manipulation (image rotation, etc.)
    • A platform for future innovations and features3

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