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Veterinary Direct Digital Imaging Solution
technicians today’s cutting edge x-ray technology right to their finger
tips. This system allows for any veterinary clinic to efficiently crossover
greater exam through-put, the very best image quality while reducing x-
ray exposure. The “MaxxVue” software enhances the post processing of
the digital images allowing for a greater flexibility, manipulation and
management of the acquired images.

Cost Effective Benefits of  Digital Radiography
The Q-VET-DRR delivers quick study results and image evaluation.
Electronic archiving allows for great space savings while eliminating the
costs of film at the same time. This results in increased workflow and
overall client satisfaction.
Ultra High Frequency Technology, 120 kHz the EZ-VET Series generator digital
and conventional imaging. The EZ-VET Series generator operates at a near-
constant potential of up to 120 kHz – the highest in the industry, which equates
to greater image quality. It also translates into shorter exposure times; reducing
the chance that animal motion might affect examinations.
Digital Detector Specifications
•3.1 lp/mm Image Resolution
•Gadolinium-Oxysulfide Scintillator
•14” x 17” Field of View
Available Upgrades
•“QXR9”: 3.5 lp/mm, with 17” x 17” Field of View (Gadolinium-Oxysulfide or Cesium Scintillator
•“QXR16”: 4.6 lp/mm, with 17” x 17” Field of View (Gadolinium-Oxysulfide or Cesium Scintillator)
•40 kW ULTRA High Frequency Generator, 120 kHz plus other x-ray generator power
•“EZ Vet-Control” - LCD Color Display with High Resolution Viewing
Table and Tubestand
•“Four-Way Float-Top Enclosed Table”, with Electronic Foot Control
•650 lb Table Weight Capacity - designed for large institutions (Zoo’s)
•“URO-TRACK” System
•29.5” Longitudinal  Travel, 5” Transverse Table (Electric)
Certified for Safety (Meets FDA Requirements for Animals)
•“Light Localizer” for Field Size
•“Laser Feature” for Accurate Animal Positioning
•Collimator Light is activated when Float-Top Control is in use
•Exposure Foot Switch (2 Position) For Rotor and X-Ray
•Large Imaging Area: 47” Complete Coverage
The user-friendly DelWorks Veterinary specific acquisition software is easy to operate and features a
high definition display provides more accurate grayscales and better contrast than standard monitors.

high frequency generator providing a cost effective and time saving solution for the veterinarian who
seeks maximum capability in minimal space.

If you are considering transitioning your practice to digital radiography, consider the DelWorks Veterinary
DR Retrofit Package, the easy and affordable way to upgrade your existing imaging system to a flat panel
will consistently provide high quality, professional images Key benefits of the Del Medical DelWorks
Veterinary DR include:

Toshiba FDX4343R Detector

DelWorks Veterinary Acquisition & Processing Software
Dell Optiplex 780; Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD
19" touchscreen flat panel, color display, keyboard and mouse
Wide range of tools for a variety of image manipulations
Convert your current equipment with a
cost effective digital upgrade.
Purebred for Excellence
Our innovative, environmentally safe and user-friendly digital solutions allow veterinary clinics and hospitals to easily upgrade from x-ray film
or CR.  We offer veterinary specific software designed using input from industry leading veterinarians. With a full line of imaging solutions
that include our industry leading HDi intra-oral series sensors and veterinary specific features and measurement software tools, your
transition to a Rayence digital solution will achieve versatility, quality and workflow efficiency.
The following products are available:
Xmaru 1417 PCA/PGA
Xmaru 1717 SCC/SGC
Xmaru VetView
Veterinary HDi Intra-oral Series
Veterinary Intra-Oral Sensor  


EzSensor is the industry leading intra-oral sensor, offering superior diagnostic
images that are essential to successful implant surgery and endodontic
treatment. Featuring unparalleled durability and image
Xmaru 1717 SCC/SGC
Xmaru 1417 PCA/PGA

Rayence VRPACS is an enterprise level, feature rich, and yet cost effective PACS application, with vast potential that allows you to
optimize your workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care, thus, enhancing patient safety and hospital productivity.  
Rayence VRPACS has client-server architecture and has MS SQL database.  

Rayence VRPACS is a web based system that integrates multiple modalities to provide image management and streamlined workflow.

Rayence VRPACS is DICOM 3.0 compliant, and allows user to capture, store, diagnose, share and distribute medical images in an
organized and efficient manner.   Rayence VRPACS enhances the ability to communicate with referring physicians and affiliated