computed radiology
Equipment sales and service
Intended to replace film/screen systems or CR screen based radiographic systems in all general purpose diagnostic
procedures. It is not to be used for Mammography and/or Fluoroscopy.

“DRive” is a fully featured, very economically priced, DR upgrade offering. Offering a 17”x17” fixed panel and 14”
x17” tethered panel solution as well as a dual detector offering (fixed, tethered, or a combination of both), with your
choice of Cesium Iodide or Gadolinium Oxysulfide (140 micron) detectors. Image capture and preview is less than 3
seconds. The system will come pre-staged from Quantum Medical Imaging, with a 24” high resolution widescreen
monitor and a Ray generators making conversion to DR workflow fast, easy, and cost effective

• Cost effective DR solution for upgrades to existing X-ray system

• Tethered (portable) and fixed panel DR solutions for maximum flexibility in virtually all general radiographic
specialties. (Medical, Chiropractic, Veterinary Software)

• Tethered 14" x 17" detector fits into most existing X-ray system tables or wall stands

• Fast-DR Workflow using your existing X-ray equipment

• Multiple Room PACS Viewing Software included
DRX Series - System Upgrade
Quick, easy transition
- Minimize disruption and downtime with one-day installation.  
- Compared to DR room replacements, the DRX-1 requires substantially less staff training time by
building on user familiarity
with existing equipment.
- The system’s compact modular capture console is used alongside your generator console.

Cost-effective solution
- Minimize your investment and maximize your efficiency cost effectively.
- Extend the life of your conventional x-ray equipment by using it for DR image capture the cassette-
sized DRX-1 system detector makes it easy.
- Realize all the cost savings of this
complete DR system.
Consider a DelWorks Medical DR Retrofit Package, the easy and
affordable way to upgrade an existing general radiographic room
to digital. Upgrading to digital will streamline the imaging process in
any facility allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently.
Key benefits of the Del Medical DelWorks Medical DR include:

Varian Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector
DelWorks Acquisition & Processing Software
Varian 4336 7.5 megapixels (3072 x 2560 pixels)
Varian 4343 9 megapixels (3072 x 3072 pixels)
Barcode Reader
The Q-VISION HF Series integrates revolutionary high frequency
design with superb functionality, resulting in the most advanced
radiographic generator ever developed. The Q-VISION Series
generators provide power levels up to 80 kW and outputs of up to
150kVp, meeting the needs of any imaging environment. Designed
for all aspects of general x-ray imaging and operating at a near-
constant potential of up to 120 kHz, the Q-VISION provides High
Frequency imaging for highly efficient X-ray production.
Radiographic imaging is optimized through the Q-VISION’s innovative
specialized and custom procedures.specialized and custom
DX-D RetRofit
An affordable DR solution that maximizes your existing equipment investment With DX-D to the
benefits of Direct Radiography (DR), without replacing their existing equipment. By maximizing
the use of existing equipment while simplifying installation, DX-D Retrofit provides an easy and
affordable way to go Direct Digital. The solution consists of a flat panel detector, a An
affordable DR solution that maximizes your existing equipment investment With DX-D retrofit
box and an NX workstation with Agfa HealthCare’s gold standard MUSICA2 image processing
software. The noninvasive, connection-only installation of the DX-D Retrofit solution poses no
risk to your X-ray modality, while offering you all the workflow and image quality benefits from a
leader in tried and tested DR solutions. You can choose between Cesium Iodide (CsI) and
Gadolinium Oxysulphide (GOS) detectors; the DX-D 30C CsI panel offers wireless capability
and superior image quality, while the tethered DX-D 10 uses GOS. Because wireless panels
can be shared with other fixed or mobile Agfa DR solutions, additional costs savings can be
DX-D 35c
a convenient way to go wireless The DX-D 35C Digital Wireless Detector offers general radiography
facilities all the advantages of wireless Digital Radiography [DR] with the Agfa HealthCare NX
Workstation and MUSICA2 , in a smaller, more compact format. It can be used with both conventional
and mobile digital X-ray systems including all Agfa HealthCare DR rooms and the DX-D 100. The
high spatial resolution of the DX-D 35C image is further enhanced with MUSICA² image processing
Compact size offers benefits
The convenient dimensions of the DX-D 35C make it an
excellent solution for imaging of premature infants. With
its smaller-than-standard 35 x 27.4 cm image size, it can fit
into an incubator bucky tray. Cost effective, light and easy
handle, it is also ideal for extremity imaging and as a second,
additional detector in the X-ray room.
Rayence introduces the latest in acquisition software, the XmaruView. The XmaruView is the most flexible diagnostic acquisition software
available for today’s healthcare providers. The XmaruView (XV) console drives the Xmaru Panel Series to its full potential. XmaruView
uses the industry’s best image algorithm parameters for the highest quality diagnostic images. The XV software comes with standard
features like DICOM Modality Work List (MWL), Image Stitching, DICOM Printing, and DVD/CD Burning with viewer.

An important feature offered with the XmaruView is Analysis Statistic Report (ASR). The Analysis Statistics Report keeps track of your
image acceptance, rejections, retakes and deletion rates. With the assistance of industry professionals, the XV software optimizes
workflow with an easy to navigate GUI.
XmaruView Medical