computed radiology
Equipment sales and service
X-Cel-X-Ray Corporation manufactures and sells a complete line of high-frequency
and adjustable kVp (peak kilovoltage) x-ray units for podiatrists, orthopaedics, and
industrial use.
MB-700 AC
28-inch SID
Radial arm
Mid-base poser (MB)
Base height 6"
Perfect height for patient and operator use
FB-700 AC
Saves floor space
3.5" base height
Folds to 18" wide
FB-715 NT
28-inch SID
Saves floor space
3.5-inch base height
Fits between wall and chair
Minimum space required: 34" x 51"
Both laterals possible
Folds to 18 inches wide
15 mA
50-70 kVp
Available in white
Tilt-Head eliminates the need for
patient rotation
Patient support rail allows access
side or front
DR compatible
3.5-inch base height
29-inch SID
Available in white
40-inch SID to match hospital Standards
Low platform for access
Fold-up base for space savings
Available in gray
treatment of hands and feet
featuring a pivot to enable viewing the
controls from three different positions
Plastic tipped treatment cones, 1cm,
and 5cm at 12cm target to skin distance,
are standard Effective for treatment of
eczema and psoriasis
XmaruView Podiatry
Xmaru PodView is Rayence’s acquisition designed specifically for the podiatric
system available to today’s podiatrist and foot & ankle surgeons. Xmaru
PodView uses the industry’s best animal image algorithm parameters for the
highest quality diagnostic images. Designed with workflow and efficiency in

The Xmaru PodView provides advanced measure tools such as Inter-
Metatarsal Angle andHallux-Abductus Angle standard. Xmaru PodView comes
with standard features like DICOM Modality Work List (MWL), DICOM Printing,
and DVD/CD Burning with viewer.  We provide you the ability export images
Through innovative design, Rayence is the only manufacturer that offers a true flat panel detector,
retrofit orthoposer base and advanced imaging software solution to the podiatry market.

Our technology is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. By providing hospital grade
components, we offer the highest quality of diagnostic images at a low cost of ownership for today’s
podiatrist. Our Xmaru PODview image acquisition software is designed specifically for podiatry and
has the ability to acquire images in just 3 seconds.  

Rayence VRPACS is an enterprise level, feature rich, and yet cost effective PACS application, with vast potential that allows you to optimize  
your workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care, thus, enhancing patient safety and hospital productivity.  Rayence
VRPACS has client-server architecture and has MS SQL database.  

Rayence VRPACS is a web based system that integrates multiple modalities to provide image management and streamlined workflow.

Rayence VRPACS is DICOM 3.0 compliant, and allows user to capture, store, diagnose, share and distribute medical images in an organized
and efficient manner.   Rayence VRPACS enhances the ability to communicate with referring physicians and affiliated facilities.
Rayence's state-of-the-art Xmaru 1210SGA provides high resolution images at an attractive price point. The Xmaru 1210SGA possesses

demanding user.
Orthoposer (VRPOB-200)
The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA is the only true flat panel x-ray detector
solution for the podiatry market. The VRPOB-200 + Xmaru1210SGA provides
podiatrists a smart & cost effective way to upgrade their current x-ray systems
to provide them with the manybenefits of a DR workflow. In combination with
industry leading technical specifications and our exclusive post processing
today’s podiatrist have to come require.
Standard Features
• View Images in < 5  seconds
• No Film Processor or Cassettes
• Auto Triggering
• Maximum throughput: > 300 images processed per hour (Fastest in the
• Line pair per mm: 3.9 lp/mm (Highest resolution in the market)
• Active Image matrix: 10.39” x 12.79” (largest available in the market)
• Sensor weight: 6.6 lbs. (lightest DR Detector available in the market)
• Sensor Type: Flat Panel a-Si TFT active matrix
• P-DR Bi-Directional Base with Patient Support System