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Keeping mammography in focus.
mammography. And that uncommon focus is exactly what makes us such a valued partner to our customers. After 25
years of specialized experience, we have become the ultimate resource for mammography sales, service, parts, support,
training, and knowledge. No other company offers more complete, intelligent mammography expertise.
Mammography Units
One of Classic's specialties is refurbishing mammography units. Our expert technicians are skilled in working with both
analog and digital machines. They completely disassemble each one, rebuild it from the ground up, and finish it off with
a fresh, aesthetically pleasing paint job. We offer an extended warranty on our refurbs and guarantee they will work
better than new. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving additional information about our mammography units
Complete Medical Services is a leading provider of refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. CMS collaborates
with GE Healthcare to sell
NEW Lunar Prodigy* bone density systems to the primary care USA medical market.  GE
Healthcare a leading manufacturer of bone density systems has worked with CMS for many years. This relationship grew
and flourished over the years. Specializing in Bone Density, Ultrasound, Nuclear Cameras, C-Arm, and Mammography
equipment, CMS has been established in the industry since 1996, and is trusted provider to private practices, clinics,
and hospitals.

CMS also works with GE, to distribute their factory-refurbished equipment. We are a Siemen's Approved Partner, so we
not only offer high quality refurbished Ultrasound equipment, but also brand new Ultrasound equipment straight from the
The only table-top imager to print mammography images

DRYSTAR AXYS offers a new "axis" for digital radiography workflows, including for
mammography imaging.
With its small footprint and two-on-line media trays that can handle a variety of media
in many different sizes, it will fit into any type of facility, supporting a broad range of

As all DRYSTAR imagers, the DRYSTAR AXYS comes with Agfa HealthCare`s Direct
Digital Imaging technology enhanced with A#Sharp™ for consistent and sharper
image quality across all applications.

Enjoy the benefits of increased productivity thanks to the ultra-short access time and
the efficient throughput; the first prints are available in an instant.
GE 800T