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Fujifilm's 10" x 24", 14" x 34" and 14" x 50" Long View Cassettes allow the imaging plates (IPs) to be loaded and design makes it easy for
technologists to perform specialized applications without interruptions. All cassettes use a inside the cassettes overlap by 1" to ensure that no
pathology is lost. The cassettes include markers which allow patented design featuring latches at either end of the cassette to promote ease of
workflow. Imaging plates (IPs) the cassette.

smaller patients.
14" x 34" cassette consists of two interlocked 14" x 17" cassettes and requires two 14" x 17" IPs for use. Excellent for most scoliosis applications.
14" x 50" cassette consists of a special 14" x 17" cassette which can be inserted into a 14" x 34" cassette and attached using a simple latch on either
side for easy removal for processing. Three 14" x 17" IPs are required for this cassette. Ideal for long leg studies or other applications where a wider
view is required.
Long View Cassettes
CR Full Body Cassette Holder
The CR Full Body Cassette Holder includes a Planfield grid that enables the CR FLFS
software to fix image distortion if a plate is misaligned. The reliability and precision the
CR FLFS License, results in an error rate close to zero.

Increased image quality
Image quality can be enhanced by using the optional anti-scatter grid. While not a
requirement, we strongly recommend using this grid for applications where image clarity
is crucial. The CR cassette holder includes a slot for storing the anti-scatter grid when it
is not in use.

Key benefits
It is a key part of a complete solution that includes the CR FLFS (Full Leg Full Spine)
sets (plate and cassette), high quality images for all FLFS exposures in full body CR
(Computed Radiography) imaging.
Can be used with following products and services;
CR Easy-lift
NX FLFS License
Designed for increased productivity and smooth workflow.
Robust and easy to use.
Planfeld grid for perfectly aligned images.
Part of a complete full body CR imaging solution.
Optional anti-scatter grid for increased image clarity.
CR MD4.1 FLFS Cassette
User-friendly and durable cassettes for full leg full spine CR (Computed Radiography) images, for use with CR 85-X, CR 35-X, CR
The CR MD4.1 FLFS (Full Leg Full Spine) Cassettes are ideal for full-body images, and can also be used as regular CR cassettes in
general radiology applications.

Key benefits
Optimal quality for full-body CR images.
No changes in exposure routine.
Embedded memory, lining image and patient details.
Easy to use and durable.
No white stitching lines in full-body stitched image

The CR MD4.1 FLFS cassettes improve and optimize image quality for full-body CR images. They can also be used as regular
cassettes in general radiology applications. By using the cassette frequently, you eliminate the need to erase it before an exam to
avoid ghost images.
CR MD4.1 FLFS cassettes are a key part of a complete range of integrated solutions that includes the CR Full Body Cassette Holder,
the CR Easylift and the CR QS FLFS license. Together, they offer you ease of use and uniformly-high image quality for all CR FLFS
imaging, whatever the conditions.

Can be used with following products and services
Agfa CR digitizers except CR 30-X, DX-S

Improved image quality
Thanks to the partial removal of backscatter protection in the cassette, there are no white stitching lines present in the full-body
stitched image when the operation instructions are followed correctly. This partial removal of the backscatter protection does not
impact the image quality.

Multiple application areas
Dedicated markers make it easy to find the cassettes when they are used in a mixed general radiology environment. Furthermore, CR
MD 4.1 FLFS cassettes have yellow labeling and yellow dots on the sides. This FLFS specific labeling makes them easily recognizable
among standard CR cassettes.
The CR Easylift lifting system allows smooth and easy lifting with much less effort and risk of injury
or strain. It increases the benefits and usability of the CR Full Body Cassette Holder, the CR FLFS (Full Leg
Full Spine) license and the CR MD 4.1 FLFS sets (plate and cassette), through easy and safe height
manipulation. It enables precise positioning of the CR Full Body Cassette Holder with respect to the X-ray tube,
regardless of your patient's height.
Can be used with following products and services
CR Full Body Cassette Holder
NX FLFS License Easy and safe cassette holder positioning
The CR Easylift has been developed to work with the CR Full Body Cassette Holder, allowing smooth and easy
lifting at greatly reduced effort. During installation, the CR Easylift can be modified for left or right hand
operation. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly single handle adjustment system ensure fewer handling
movements together with quick and easy height adjustment. The CR Easylift greatly improves safety for both
the user and the patient.

It is a key part of a complete range of integrated solutions, guaranteeing ease of use and uniformly high-quality
images for all Full Leg Full Spine exposures in full body CR imaging.Ergonomic and user-friendly design for
improved workflow and productivity.
Increased accuracy and ease of operation for full body CR imaging
Composes up to three individual images.
Automatically mergers images together by aligning markers on the image. Manual adjustments can be applied if necessary.
Image processing is applied to optimize resulting image display.
Simply select the proper menu and the Flash IIP console Autostitch software can take care of the rest.
Advanced Image Processing
Issues often associated with image stitching software include difficulty with image alignment and variations of density on the
composed image. Fujifilm's comprehensive, advanced image composition processing eliminates manual alignment
requirements and compensates for differences in density in the image. Fujifilm's Image Stitching Software enables faster
exam processing, higher diagnostic confidence and quicker image interpretation.
FLFS/SCOLI Cassette Holder
The "Wall Mount Cassette Holder" is designed to be fully operational in small rooms allowing for
maximum space utilization. This unit allows for the technologist to adjust the height of the cassette
holder manually allowing for

The Q-Stitching Series maximizes stitching options for optimal imaging and patient care. It offers a
wide variety of choices, to meet your health care providers' specific needs. All are designed to work
with the Agfa CR Stitching Cassettes. Each of the 3 structures (Rolling, Wall-Mounted and VERTI-Q
Wall Stand) are offered in two separate versions. One operating with two Agfa CR Stitching
Cassettes for Scoliosis examinations and the second using three Agfa CR Cassettes for Scoliosis in
stitched images in a single exposure without motion. The cassette holder operates with
Quantum-Agfa CR systems, using Agfa CR stitching cassettes and Agfa stitching software. The
The "Rolling Cassette Holder" is mounted on four locking caster wheels which glide the cassette cart
into any position in the room with ease, while the wheel locks provide great stability during the examination. The
patient throughput. The rolling cart's design allows for the cassette holder to be vertically adjusted  improving
imaging quality
The “VERTI-Q Wall Stand” allows for an effortless way to adjust vertical
positioning, due to Quantum’s “EZ-GLIDE” hand control system. e “VERTI-Q Wall Stand”
offers a fast and easy way to operate the receptor while providing additional safety and
stability to the cassette holder during examinations.
For use with three Agfa CR Stitching cassettes for Scoliosis and Long Leg examinations
• Accommodates Agfa CR Stitching Cassettes 14” x 17” in size
• Includes a “PLANFELD” Positioning Grid Pattern: 15.4” X 50” (39cm x 127.5cm)
• VERTI-Q Wall Stand design allows for e.ortless mechanical vertical adjustment
• Allows for approx. 27” of vertical adjustment of the cassette box
• Exclusive “EZ-Glide” hand control for vertical travel; grip rotates 105º
• Low absorption front cover material with centering line
• FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system
• Integral system counterbalancing ensures safe, easy use
Note: To complete the cassette holder package purchase, obtain the required
accessories (cassettes, grid & software)