computed radiology
A DelWorks Medical DR Package is the ideal solution to upgrade an existing general
radiographic room to DR. Packages are available with a fixed 17" x 17 detector and portable 14" x
17" detector. The innovative portable flat panel detector that has exactly the same dimension of a
regular 14” x 17” (36x43cm) cassette, making it an immediate replacement for CR plates and
conventional films. This allows you to use the existing room based on bucky table and wall stand
and the usual patient positioning techniques that have been proven to be highly effective for
general radiographic applications. Click on the brochure below for further information.
Imaging Systems Overview
The DEL family of Digital & Digital Ready Radiography products include single-detector and dual-detector solutions for a wide variety of clinical
environments and applications. As one of the largest manufacturers of general purpose radiographic equipment in North America , and with over 80
years of experience in manufacturing and distributing medical imaging systems, Del has earned a reputation for providing high quality, reliable
products and world-class after sales service.
Equipment sales and service
Konica Minolta provide state-of-the-art, Web-based, diagnostic Zero Footprint Exa PACS and RIS packages.
The software suite delivers advanced connectivity, functionality, accessibility, and speed. The PACS, RIS and
EHR solutions are complemented by our comprehensive line of cutting edge Digital X-Ray products.

The complete Direct Radiography (DR) line offers superior image quality with substantial reduction in dose to
the patient. The Flat Panel DR sensors come in multiple configurations ranging from retrofit packages,
complete new rad rooms, to Mobile DR solutions

Viztek is a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware imaging solutions, backed by
comprehensive training and support for the hospital, imaging center, telemedicine and private practice
markets.  Viztek was acquired by Konica Minolta on October 1, 2015.
Quantum Medical Imaging - A Division of CARESTREAM Health
Quantum Medical Imaging is a highly innovative company which designs and manufactures medical
radiographic systems (both DR and CR digital solutions), for hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedics, clinics
and private offices around the world. The company s mission is to supply the radiographic imaging industry with
superior products for enhanced diagnostic capability.
As a Division of Carestream, Quantum s reach expands around the globe, offering highly innovative digital
radiographic system solutions, utilizing the most advanced CR or DR technologies. Quantum systems and
products are now sold and installed in over 150 Countries around the globe.
Radiographic/fluoroscopic systems. With over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing and Del
Medical is a major global provider of cost-effective conventional radiographic x-ray systems and
distributing medical imaging systems in more than 100 countries worldwide, Del has developed a
reputation for providing high quality, reliable products and world-class after-sales service. Del
Medical’s products offer affordability to a wide range of value-conscience professionals and
healthcare providers
DRX Series - Ceiling Mounted Systems
Ergonomic hand grips with multi-function locks provide smooth, responsive system
adjustments. Positioning of the x-ray tube is directed through a series of color-
coded fingertip switches on the operator hand control, which coincide with the colors
on the various rails, for vertical, horizontal and transverse movements. A convenient
“All-Locks” release switch is also built into each of the soft-grip controls. Lighted
assist the operator with easy and precise positioning.
Q-Rad Digital DRX SeriesSystems
Q-Rad-Digital DRX-Series offers flexible digital panel combinations
Single-detector: 14”x17” wireless cassette, shared among the wall
stand, table/table top
Dual-detector: Fixed 17”x17” in wall stand and 14”x17” wireless
cassette for tablet/table top.
Dual-detector: Two (2) 14”x17” wireless cassettes for wall stand
and table/table top
Also offered with Cesium-Iodide scintillator for lower dose imaging.
Q-Rad-Digital Floor Mounted Systems are available as either single detector 14”x17”
x17” in the wall stand and 14”x17” wireless cassette for table or table top
DRX Series - System Upgrade
Capture digital radiography images using your conventional x-ray equipment and procedures. Converting to DR workflow and productivity is fast,
easy and cost-effective with the CARESTREAM DRX-1 system. This innovative system feature the world’s first wireless cassette-sized DR detector,
which is simply slides into your table or wall-stand Bucky or can be used for table-top projections, just like a conventional cassette.
DX-D RetRofit
An affordable DR solution that maximizes your existing equipment investment With DX-D Retrofit, healthcare facilities using either analog or
Computed Radiography (CR) can upgrade to the benefits of Direct Radiography (DR), without replacing their existing equipment. By
maximizing the use of existing equipment while simplifying installation, DX-D Retrofit provides an easy and affordable way to go Direct
Digital. The solution consists of a flat panel detector, a retrofit box and an NX workstation with Agfa HealthCare’s gold standard MUSICA2
image processing software. The noninvasive, connection-only installation of the DX-D Retrofit solution poses no risk to your X-ray modality,
while offering you all the workflow and image quality an easy and affordable way to go Direct Digital. The solution consists of a flat panel
detector, a retrofit box and an NX workstation with Agfa HealthCare’s gold standard MUSICA2 image processing software. The noninvasive,
connection-only installation of the DX-D Retrofit solution poses no risk to your X-ray modality, while offering you all the workflow and image
quality benefits from a leader in tried and tested DR solutions. You can choose between Cesium benefits from a leader in tried and tested
DR solutions. You can choose between Cesium Iodide (CsI) and Gadolinium Oxysulphide (GOS) detectors; the DX-D 30C CsI panel offers
wireless capability and superior image quality, while the tethered DX-D 10 uses GOS. Because wireless panels can be shared with other
fixed or mobile Agfa DR solutions, additional costs savings can be achieved.
DX-D 40
For both conventional and mobile digital X-ray systems, the DX-D 40 Digital Detector offers
general radiography facilities all the advantages of Direct Digital, while maximizing the use of
their existing equipment. The Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) means no electrical
At 43 x 35 cm in size, the detector fits into any standard bucky tray and can be easily removed
to provide versatility for all exams. Wireless technology enhances operator comfort, and
improves exam flexibility and convenience, even in challenging imaging situations.

Extremely long battery autonomy of up to 8 hours
Excellent connectivity with DICOM compatible software and imagers
MUSICA processing for excellent contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image
Choice of Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) detector scintillator
Lightweight, small, high resolution Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) detector

Offers optimal convenience and portability
Ideal for use in pediatrics, for extremities and for special examinations
Full field  area seamless use with virtually all X-ray systems, maximizing the use of the existing
X-ray equipment
High DQE and optimal pixel size, for low dose examinations
Improved workflow and examination speed
Easy to clean and disinfect
The compact, efficient KDR™ Advanced U-Arm (AU) System from Konica Minolta Healthcare features an array of advanced design
innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcome expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient
experience. That makes it an excellent option for all settings.
The KDR™ Advanced U-Arm System employs a state-of-the-art, 17”x17”  Cesium iodide (CSI) detector that maximizes efficiency and
delivers image quality with excellent bone and soft-tissue visualization from a single study exposure, giving you the clarity to reach
diagnoses sooner. The system maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and DR panel, regardless of panel angle or swivel arm tilt
position. A durable, protective panel enclosure also helps to increase system longevity and stability.
Straight Arm DR
Straight Arm DR offers an advanced digital x-ray solution in an effcient and compact design.
The system features a 17 x 17 detector for superior image quality. It allows for all imaging views
that are required in radiology including wheelchair and table work for maximum patient fexibility.
The Straight Arm DR maximizes every square foot of space to avoid overcrowded rooms and provides
more space for staff to maneuver.
ViZion tm + DR Wireless
The ViZion tm  + DR Wireless Panel provides exceptional image quality paired with advanced software
features and functionality. The 14” x 17” cassette-sized wireless panel uses enhanced imaging
technology and has unique features like drop notification emails. It is ideal for use in both new systems
as well as retrofit rooms. The versatile panel is driven by the masterfully designed Ultra Acquire
Software for thoughtful image capture and optimized workflow efficiency. ViZion tm + Wireless DR is
available in both Cesium (CSI) and Gadolinium (GOS) technologies.
Ultra Acquire Software
Ultra’s thoughtful workflow design allows for exams on just one screen,
improving overall imaging time savings for the technologist and patient.  
Foldering allows technologists to navigate between on a single screen,
saving time and facilitating Ultra is easy to use and offers touchscreen
compatibility.  Technologists and physicians may customize meet
preferences for maximum output. The Procedure Mapping feature provides
customized sets of image views designed to streamline the patient’s
radiology experience. It also allows for facilities to define different views for
each study type as well as the order in which they take them.
Image Accuracy: Three Knob Collimator
Konica Minolta DR systems feature the exclusive three knob collimator allowing for
precision imaging.The advanced technology allows for the light feld to be controlled at
both ends of the detector, facilitating unnecessary dose and scatter reduction efforts.
The collimator generates a region of interest for imaging within the light field creating
added imaging control. For added convenience, The collimator light can be turned on
from the control room with the exposure switch. The three knob collimator is ideal for
facilities seeking to reduce scatter and over saturation of DR detectors, particularly
pediatric imaging facilities.