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A century of healthcare experience related to diagnostic imaging and has been a pioneer in the healthcare IT market since the
state-of-the-art systems for capturing and processing images in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Agfa HealthCare has over a
Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic image management solutions, and early
1990's.  Agfa's customers have the flexibility to choose modalities and technologies from any vendor. For digital image
acquisition, Agfa's line of CR digitizers fit your workflow, are scalable for centralized and decentralized workflow, can grow and
adapt to the changing imaging environment, and offer the best price/performance ratio
The CRescendo Classic WAIV
Streamline Workflow For Higher Productivity And Patient Throughput.
The CRescendo Classic CR System is easy to install, use and maintain, providing seamless
integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.
functionality and maximum productivity, because every patient deserves the highest quality our
technology can deliver without compromise. Loaded with easy-to-use software features number
one priority, this great package comes complete with the software and hardware you The
CRescendo Classic CR System is the ideal digital imaging solution for use where the practitioner
has an existing archival solution, such as print to film or storage to PACS. This and archiving are
the solution you need, please discuss our "Image Suite" product solutions with your dealer.
Simple, Affordable, Powerful – A Complete Digital Image Acquisition and Management Solution
The CRescendo Classic CR System is easy to install, use and maintain, providing seamless
integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy.
You're eager for the workflow and productivity benefits of an all-inclusive, integrated digital
imaging solution. But traditional CR / PACS bundles are too large, expensive and out of
proportion for your needs. Meet CRescendo Vita Image Suite – an affordable CR software
package created specifically for private practices and smaller clinics. Think of it as a "mini-PACS"
solution. It's ideal for optimizing your workflow today, and scalable to meet your expanding needs
tomorrow. Most importantly, it delivers high-quality images while streamlining your work flow
including capturing, viewing, processing, printing and storing your images. All of this allows you to
increase productivity and enhance patient care.
Prima T
FCR Prima T has been designed for those private practitioners with low volume imaging environments. Small,
light, fast, it has everything a smart private practice wants in digital x-ray. At just 86 pounds and with a
footprint of only 3.2 square feet, it’s one of the smallest table top CR systems available.

The PRIMA-T stands out for its stunning combination of price, speed and remarkable image quality. Its
throughput ranges from a rapid 45 to an outstanding 66 images per hour depending on cassette size. Its 100-
micron images provide impressive resolution while Fujifilm’s processing technology ensures your first image is
FCR Prima T is available with the Flash Lite IIP and FCRView workstations. The Flash IIP Console is an
innovative workstation that features powerful productivity-enhancing tools so your staff members can operate
more efficiently. The FCRView is a complete image management solution that provides users with a
comprehensive set of tools to acquire, view and archive images all from one workstation.
CR 10-X
Affordable computed radiography solution that makes no compromises on image quality
yet robust design offering affordability without compromising on image quality. Versatile, this CR digitizer
can handle general radiography, orthopædic, chiropractic, Full Leg/Full Spine and dental applications.
The total cost of ownership remains low, thanks to its ease of installation, maintenance and use, making it
an affordable way to move from analog to digital.
CR 15-X
Affordable for a broad range of applications convenient and has a fast workflow, with user
controllable speed and resolution it is robust yet easy to install and maintain. Fits in small
spaces and is suited for mobile applications Networking capabilities deliver seamless
integration Ideal solution for decentralised hospital environments; clinics and private
practices MUSICA Image processing.

Digital Imaging Made Simple

Carestream’s family of computed radiography systems can accommodate any level of facility size and workfl¬ow – from
small private practices to large, high-volume hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. From reliable, compact tabletop
solutions to multiple cassettes, floor standing models – our CR systems fit your budget and integrate seamlessly into
your workflow to deliver high-quality digital images.