computed radiology
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Easy control for shooting condition, KV, mA
control, saving image, image management select
part to shoot, collimator control, and etc.
With our Virtual Collimation, adjust the collimator by virtually
adjusting the blade positions on the touch screen LCD
panel and save yourself unnecessary radiation exposure.
The ABC function automatically detects the optimal settings when taking an image so you don’t have to waste any time adjusting the
brightness. The ABC function also comes equipped with a “H” mode to display a brighter image while you can choose the “L” option for more
Anatomic mode
Choose from a selection of pre-set exposure settings for designated body parts. These designated settings are programmed to provide
optimal images while limiting the radiation amount to the minimum required.

Snap shot mode
Get the penetration you need! Obtain a crisp, clear image with our “snap shot” mode which allows you to increase the setting to 25 mA for the
penetration you need for thicker areas.

ZEN-7000 pulsed 15fps or 30fps
Equipped with a 30 frame per second pulse mode, the radiation amount is reduced in half when compared to that of the continuous mode to
obtain the same exact image.

- Powerful, rotating anode provides enough penetration for all surgical applications
(120kV, 20mA)

-Convenience & Flexibility: 45 degree overcast, 30"+ free space, 120v power input

- Large field of view and tri-field 9" image intensifier

- User Friendly & Stylish Touch Screen Control Panel

- High Resolution 1K X 1K CCD camera makes sharp and keen medical images
which make it very fit for the most superior hospital as the best C-ARM.

-Strong and Silent, Enjoy our new and improved vertical column which provides
silent movement despite its reinforced, sturdy frame.

- 2 level pulsed fluoroscopy technology allows you to minimize radiation.

- Superior image quality through high definition image intensifier & User-select filter

- Virtual Collimator.

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