OmniArchive: Web-Enabled PACS Archive with Pre-Configured Server and Packaged OmniVue® Software

OmniArchive is a turnkey imaging archival and distribution system. Simply set OmniArchive as your destination for CR, DR and any
other DICOM modalities. Your images will be stored on redundant RAID 1 or RAID 5 hard drives and can be immediately accessed
by OmniVue® diagnostic viewing software.
OmniArchive uses the DICOM Storage SCP to allow images from CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM and any other DICOM modality to be
received and stored automatically. OmniArchive utilizes an SQL database for security and scalability. Thanks to an embedded
DICOM file compressor, images can be stored as DICOM uncompressed or lossless JPG to maximize storage space.
Windows Based DICOM Archive
Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server
Support integration with DAS, NAS, SAN, or HSM backend for data storage and management
Easy installation and Configuration
Integrated Backup Feature
Provides ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) for your DICOM Storage Needs.
computed radiology
Equipment sales and service
Viztek's Opal-RAD PACS encompasses a powerful suite of digital radiology tools to achieve the most fully integrated
patient database, imaging and communications system on the market today.
The easy-to-use Opal-RAD digital radiology suite includes the following functionalities:
Web-Based PACS
Integrated Dictation / Transcription & Reporting Module
OnCall Exam Delivery for Anytime / Anywhere Reading
Diagnostic Viewer
Mammography Viewer
Echocardiology Viewer
3D Viewer
Multiplanar Reconstruction MPR
One thing you will not be faced with, however, is a difficult learning curve. Opal-RAD offers a user interface consistent
with many other common computer programs in use today. The result is a precise, logical, and intuitive set of tools
that give you complete control over medical images and data like never before.
Introducing:  EVOVIEW DICOM Viewing Software

The ideal choice for any Chiropractic, Veterinary, Podiatry,
or any type of Medical
clinic looking for a diagnostic viewing and storage solution
with PACS like
functionality for a fraction of the cost!
DICOM Query / Retrieve SCU
DICOM CD Burning w/ embedded DICOM viewer
Stack / Scout view
Thumb nail view
Convert DICOM to JPG or BMP images
Hanging Protocols
Audit Trails
Image / Study Reporting
E-Mail Enabled
Rayence VRPACS is an enterprise level, feature rich, and yet cost effective PACS application, with vast potential that allows you to optimize your
workflow and significantly improve operations and patient care, thus, enhancing patient safety and hospital productivity.  Rayence VRPACS has
Rayence VRPACS is a web based system that integrates multiple modalities to provide image management and streamlined workflow.

Rayence VRPACS is DICOM 3.0 compliant, and allows user to capture, store, diagnose, share and distribute medical images in an organized and
efficient manner.   Rayence VRPACS enhances the ability to communicate with referring physicians and affiliated facilities.