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DC-70 X-Insight
Based on insight from ultrasound professionals, the DC-70 X-Insight
ultrasound system is designed to deliver precision imaging and improve
efficiencies in today’s demanding ultrasound environment. The system
provides the optimal balance of advanced technologies and work flow
management tools which sets it apart from other systems in its class. The
integrated X-Engine, with both GPU and CPU improvements, enables multi-
core parallel processing for rapid and precise imaging. Combined with
Mindray’s unique T™ transducer technology, the DC-70 X-Insight provides
fast image acquisition, increased penetration and high resolution imaging
across all general imaging, women’s imaging, and shared service
applications. Precision and Efficiency: A striking balance.
DC-80 Ultrasound System

The best patient care is the ultimate goal.

With today’s demanding healthcare environment, a high level of clinical
confidence is required to achieve the best patient care. The DC-80
ultrasound system, built on the foundation of Mindray’s continuous
focus on premium technology, helps you manage your daily workflow
with excellent insights, intelligence, and much more no matter what
challenges you face.
As the exclusive Mid-Atlantic Mindray Distributor Star Imaging
is proud to offer a full line of Ultrasound products and supplies
to meet all of your  Imaging needs.
Addtional Images
Wisonic Clover‐60 Premium Hand‐Carried
Diagnostic Colorflow Laptop Ultrasound System
with PW Doppler and optional CW & 4D Capability
The Wisonic Clover ultrasound system offers you a best-in-class imaging
experience through our industry leading and unique technologies, such as
Holo PW, Auto Doppler positioning. With the most lightweight, ease of use,
and durability, the Wisonic Clover, the best choice you can ever make.

Precise Navigation

The NAVI has The Industries Largest Touch Screen 19 inches.

Navi was inspired to assist anesthesiologists in their daily challenging cases. The perenial topic is "how
does one ensure the safest, most precise anaesthetics procedure to improve patient experience and
clinical outcome". To address these core requirements, Navi works in close association with
anesthesiologists by providing the best in-detail tissue image, clear needle tip and shaft display, thus
making precise anaesthetics not only a dream but indeed a reality.

A Smart Tablet Ultrasound System  Affordable Excellence for All

With a 13.3 inch LED Monitor and Touch Screen, the Piloter is a compact

Color Doppler Ultrasound System for all Diagnostic Applications.  Piloter is a specialized ultrasound
product, dedicated for all diagnostic ultrasound exams. With its extremely lightweight case, smart design
and built-in customized workflow, Piloter provides a more efficient and convenient experience for General
Imaging, MSK, Pain Management, Vascular Imaging, Vascular Access, OB/GYN and much more. This
product was built on the HOLO Platform, has 64-beam processing and archieves up to 5000 frames per
second. Piloter also has available the wiNeedle optional technology which provides Intelligent Needle
Visualization. Some other optional features are the wiLearn educational software and the the transducer
expansion adapter. Piloter has a genius design that can be used anywhere.
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To deliver on the promise of quality healthcare within reach, Mindray’s DC-40,
innovative high performance technology in an elegant compact design.
Combining a wide range of clinical application packages, automeasurement
tools, and on-board education software, the DC-40 makes ultrasound exams
accurate, effcient and accessible with exceptional capability. The 10.4"
touchscreen provides ease-of-use and helps reduce the daily work burden,
while the compact design and built-in battery ensures maximum mobility. The
DC-40 provides you with an affordable way to offer the advantages of
advanced, high-performance ultrasound to your patients